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Why do i have to key in my height and weight?

In order for the pedometer to calculate the distance covered correctly it takes into account the height of the person to calculate their stride length and therefore the total distance.
The weight is used in our calorie formula to provide a good estimation of the calories consumed.

Why aren't stats working?

1) Go to your iPhones settings app…


2) Select Privacy from the list…


3) Select Motion & Fitness from the list…


4) Make sure that Fitness Tracking and JS Running are switched on…

To check if this has fixed your issue:
  • Fire up JS Running & start a new run.
  • Move the iPhone back a forth 10 – 20 times (this fire up the pedometer and will fool it to think you are running!).
  • Close the run and check the results, it should now register few steps & a small distance and the stats should work.
We also recommend that you close JS Running after you finish the test by double clicking the home button and swipe up on JS Running to close it.
Now you should be set for your next use.


Health App
– jS Running is intended to integrate with Health App to gather data, such as height & weight, in order that we calculate calorie consumption more accurately. No data is used or shared with any third party for any other purposes.

Battery Life:
jS Running is designed to continue running in the background should you intrupt your run & continue later.  This can adversely impact on battery life if you do not save your run and close JS Running.

N.B. jS Running is designed for iPhone 5s, 6 & 6 Plus. It uses the latest M7 & M8 chips found in these later generation iPhones for efficient and a more accurate method of calculating distances.  It will not work with iPhone 4s, 5 & 5c.