jS Running has a stand out design which provides continuous readout of run stats for monitoring progress, without distraction, without complexity. This simplistic approach is achieved by…

Rotatable Display

Adjustable display angle for optimum readability at a glance – perfect for armband use

Color Coded

Each run stats has it’s own color coded display screen shown once during a 20 second cycle

Gesture controls

Gesture controls for skipping through the different measurements & controlling music play back

Minimalistic Display

Minimalistic, big & bold display values make view the stats easy during your run

Summary Screen

An eye catching, simple to read summary that gives jS Running its unique signature look


Advanced Stats Screen

Extra stats allow you to track your cadence, stride length and one mile time - available as in-app purchases


Weekly Stats Screen

Monitor and maintain all your run previous stats within the Weekly Statistics Screen

Running stats history records

Performance Graphs

Review your performance graphs by turning your iPhone into landscape mode.


"The easiest to read run stats monitor ever!"

iPhone 6s stats duration
iPhone-6s: stats - burn
iPhone-6s running stats - steps
iPhone-6s: running stats - pace
iPhone-6s running stats - distance

Music Features

Controlling your music playback while running┬áhas never been easier…

Music Homescreen


Artists View

JS Running artist selection screen

Albums View


Listen View


What's playing on jS Running!

The jS Running Armband

Our very own armband with easily detachable case is available to buy now from Amazon.

The detachable case allows the iPhone to be easily taken off the armband should the need arise.

Another advantage of our product is that it’s an armband without cover over the screen – so the phone is easy to use, either while on the armband or when detached.

The armband is available in three sizes – iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 Plus

Buy Now
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